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About Us is a family-run search platform built to assist people in finding local care homes for their loved ones. The story behind our Carehome Finder starts very close to home as we who created it are directly linked to the care industry and went through the straining process of finding a home for our loved ones. Not only that, but we have also worked within the care sector and can understand the stress that managers are under. We at Carehome Finder understand the struggles of filling care home beds and finding that perfect home for our loved ones to settle in. Therefore, we wanted to build something to make that process a little bit easier for either party and guide you through everything you need to see.

We are not tied to any care group and offer a fully independent care home searching tool allowing families to find care homes in their area of choice. This can be any county, Hampshire, Yorkshire, West Midlands or any city, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and more. The advantages to our site are that we identified the most common search terms to be those of the likes of "care homes near me" or "residential homes in my area". When searching these terms into google, you are usually met with the same homes options; however, it is crucial to explore your options and thoroughly evaluate the homes near you. Carehome Finder makes it so easy to search for homes all over the UK. You can search anywhere you would like, Hampshire, London, the West Midlands; it all here for you to browse through. We want to make it so you can search with ease, so the next time you search "find a care home near me", we'll be there to navigate you through the sea of information.

We believe that stressful situation does not need any more added strain. From experience, we know how devastating it can be to place your loved one in a home, and we want to be that technological hand to hold in these times.